cloud-solutions-inside-tranzplaceIn order to implement a high level and secured infrastructure, banks, financial institutions, processing centers, petroleum companies and other intitutions engage a lot of investments. Their main problem is how to transform software and infrastructure CAPEX investments to an annual OPEX charges ! How to secure sensitive and confidential data while they are hosted in a standard cloud environment !!

TranzPlace provides its clients with a powerful, turn-key and secured cloud platform. It is an end-to-end, ready to use and secured platform to host all kind of software and solutions:

    • Core Banking
    • Switch & CMS
    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    • Fleet Solution
    • Instant Issuing
    • Strong Authentication
    • Testing Platform
    • and many others

TranzPlace platform is based on a comprehensive security solution to protect and encrypt. It provides also a high level of availability; the best in the hosting industry:

    • Hosts availability 99.99%
    • Storage availability 100%
    • Storage availability100%
    • Best VPN Reviews
    • Access to Internet 99.95%

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