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Twenty-six healthy male subjects were randomized to study sequencesAs drug absorption results from numerous intricate processesall susceptible to show sex differenceDrugs are mostly absorbed in the proximal intestinenorfloxacinand thus their disposition is sensitive to gastric emptying time and small intestine motilityThere are reports showing that gastric motility is partially controlled by sex hormonesThe gastric emptying time is usually shorter in women than in men and does vary during pregnancy and the cycle menstrualWomen were not included in the study to reduce the intersubject plasma concentration variability13,14Mexican regulation does not require strictly participation of female subjects or fed studies for this type of research.

Norfloxacin is used to treat bacterial infections of the prostate and urinary tractNorfloxacin also treats gonorrhea.

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The liver appears to be the primary site of norfloxacin metabolismSix metabolites of norfloxacinwhich contain modifications of the piperazinyl ring and are excreted unconjungated in the urine have been identified9

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